Careers with Sezwe

Influencer Mentor

SEZWE is a quick-hitting video commentary platform for a community that wants to be heard. From news, sports, and politics to reviews on entertainment, SEZWE is a social media platform designed to give someone the tools to amplify their voice.

We are currently hiring influencers in the US to help train and engage with students across the globe to become influencers. Click here to become one.

To be hired as an influencer, a following of 1000+ on any of the acceptable social media platforms listed in our job application is preferred.

After downloading our app, and being considered for this position, we pay you per post you engage with. Our students are eager to learn from you and get your thoughts and feedback on how they could improve and become influencers. For every comment you leave, we pay you. That's it.

Set your own hours. Work as much or as little as you want. Choose how much money you want in a given day by how many comments you leave.

If you're interested, we'd love to get your basic info here and chat with you more!

Questions? Contact Makeda Telesford at