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A short-video digital public square for the moderate majority.


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About Sezwe

A short-video digital public square for the moderate majority.

No blue states or red states – only the United States of America

- exclaimed President Obama in his acceptance speech in 2008. Then 2016 happened. Now our broken politics and extreme partisanship threaten to paralyze our country – our "shining house on the hill".

On the far right, Qanon, Trumpism, and other divisive forces

offers an "Us vs. Them" narrative , a zero-sum approach to interpreting our problems.

On the far left, Antifa and the woke mob

conflate equality of opportunity with the equality of outcome and demand we adhere to their view of justice of outcomes.

As well documented, social media has amplified our differences and made us more tribal. This is particularly dangerous for the younger generation that now consumes majority of their news online through Facebook and Twitter, where they are algorithmically fed divisive and controversial content that increases engagement.

Sezwe is for the moderate majority thought-leaders to hold a civilized discourse on important and often controversial topics.

Short-video town square for the moderate majority

Why / How / What

  1. Sezwe believes what unites us is stronger than what divides us.
  2. We believe our younger generational leaders want a serious public square for substantive ideas to be debated and propagated.
  3. We believe echo chambers are dangerous. Diversity of thought is constructive. Ultimately, we believe in the better angels of our nature.

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